Hi there. I’m Gigi Griffis.

I’m a content strategist and writer with a special love for travel, tourism, hospitality, technology, health, and strategic ad agencies. I also love simple illustrations, well-placed sentence fragments, expressive photography, and stories of all shapes and sizes.

After working with content in one form or another for about eight years and as the content strategy and copywriting lead at a small, place-focused ad agency for about three, I started freelancing full-time in 2011—and haven’t looked back since.

Today, I plan for, create, and manage content for technology, travel, lifestyle, and healthcare companies. 

I write websites, content marketing articles, and video scripts. I help consulting clients organize their thoughts and plot out blog strategies. I helped one client create hundreds of jobs, another quadruple their web leads in less than a week, and still another double the size of her rental business. And I’m always—even in my free time—encouraging people to travel, explore, live well, and open up their perspectives.

It’s really exciting, fulfilling work.

When I’m not writing, strategizing, or structuring websites, you’ll find me exploring the world with my partner and my pint-sized pooch, hiking challenging trails, trying new foods, cycling across whole countries, taking way more photos than are strictly necessary, and throwing multi-cultural dinner parties around the globe. I’ve also authored 10+ travel guides and am currently spending my free time working on a novel.

But enough about me. Let’s get your project rolling: Get in touch to tell me about your project and find out how I can help.