my work

Most of my tech work is under NDA, which means I can’t share it here. But I’d be happy to send relevant samples privately. Just get in touch and let me know what you’re looking for.

In the meantime, you can find some of my writing on tech at the Atlassian Work Life blog. And below you’ll find a sampling of the types of work and topics I commonly tackle.

Common project types: content strategy  ·  content marketing (with or without infographics)  ·  UX writing  ·  white papers  ·  technical manuals  ·  style guides  ·  internal communication guides  ·  messaging guidelines  ·  branding  ·  blogging  ·  social media management  ·  blog management  ·  SEO  ·  site maps  ·  wireframes  ·  web audits  ·  case studies

A sampling of tech + software topics: privacy and security  ·  data science  ·  online marketing  ·  analytics  ·  software development  ·  education software  ·  face recognition software  ·  AI and machine learning  ·  risk and compliance  ·  Cloud computing  ·  Content Management Systems (CMS)  ·  Customer Data Platforms (CDP)  ·  Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  ·  Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Have a project that might be a fit? I’d love to chat.